CHANGELOGWhat's new in FlyingProxy

FlyingProxy is updated multiple times per week. Here we list major new features for a quick overview.

  • Preload links on hover

    Preload the links on hover (or touch on mobile), making your pages feel instant while navigating.

  • Out of beta 🎉

    After one and a half months of hard work, we're finally out of beta.

  • View pageviews and bandwidth usage

    Pageviews and bandwidth usage for the last 30 days are now available in the dashboard.

  • Wildcard/subdomain support

    Newly added sites can proxy subdomains through FlyingProxy!

    If your site is, you can proxy, or any subdomain through FlyingProxy.

  • WordPress plugin released

    A very lightweight plugin that communicates with FlyingProxy API to purge necessary pages when you update content on your site, like publishing/updating posts.

  • Point DNS via A records

    If you've been struggling to point DNS to FlyingProxy using CNAME, you can point via A records too.

  • Beta launched 🎉

    Beta version launched!